Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Father

In these early days of Lent we should continue to study Jesus and what he does so that we can come to know more about him.  Today we get a picture of his way of praying.   In essence it is short and simple.  Despite its simplicity it contains a wealth of learn his prayer for  himself to his Father and how we should pray.  Surely each of us at different times runs into aridity during our time of prayer.

The admonition to withdraw into one's room is nothing more than advice to get out of the activity around us and to open the door of the heart to converse with Jesus as well as to listen to our hearts delivering wisdom from the Holy Spirit.  Just five to ten minutes in genuine peace and quiet can open up chests of divine treasure not experienced in the daily marathon that captivates our hearts.

What underlies Jesus' way of praying to his Father?  For the Jewish people there is something of a challenge because the emperor was considered the Father of the Nation.  To begin calling upon God as Father is a bit of change.

Whatever, let Jesus' teaching impact your life today.  Let this be another early facet to understanding who Jesus really is as we journey to the Resurrection.