Saturday, March 2, 2013

3rd Sunday of Lent

Let's look at the gospel for the 3rd Sunday of Lent.  The text is Luke 130;1-9.  As mentioned earlier, this blogger has but one mission for this season of Lent:  to discover in the gospel of the day Jesus' words or actions that speak to us as one friend speaking to a another.

Again, let this message move us forward.  if confession is necessary "get it over with as soon as possible" so that your heart and mind are free to be at peace with Jesus.  Furthermore, that freedom will help you appreciate even more your relationship with Jesus Christ.

In today's gospel Jesus is clear:  repent, get it done!  Do not bring destruction to your soul.  To illustrate his point he uses the example of the man who planted a fig tree in his orchard. When he ought to get its fruit, there was none.  Since that tree was not producing its fruit, the owner of the property told the caretaker to "cut it down."  Notice what this master says next:  "Why should it exhaust the soil?"  Jesus is never one to overlook what is good and how can be profitably used.  However, the caretaker asked for an extension of time to care for the damaged tree time.  Surely that caretaker.

So, Jesus your friend, my friend, is telling us about repentance and that it is the key to the continued septuagentile world.  Then Jesus my friend does not hesitate to share the fluid with.  He knows what will expects of us.  This is not all that happen.  He knows what will happen if we fail if make it down.  How blessest are we who have a Savior who tells all before we die.