Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

For The Greater Glory of God

What a surprise from the Cardinal Electors!  How many times was that heard on radio and tv accounts on an historic day in the Roman Catholic Church!

How many people were praying throughout the world for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to move the hearts and minds of 115 men seated in the Sistine Chapel on March 13, 2013?  No one will ever know. But, for sure, it seems that there was one power at work among the electors:  the Holy Spirit.

Today, I invite you to join with me in prayers of thanksgiving to God for the gift given to us.  Let us pray, too, that Francis I will allow the Spirit to work through his mind and heart in the years that God will grant him to the Church as Roman Pontiff.

Religious, priest, teacher, rector of a Jesuit community, Master of Novices, Provincial, pastor, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope:  he was where God wanted him to be throughout his life AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM!!!  At last a humble Jesuit with his hand, head and heart on the tiller of the Barque of St. Peter!  Deo Gratias.