Thursday, March 21, 2013

Remember When?

Recall the wondrous deeds he has done, his wonders and words of judgment ...
To recall, as we know, is to remember.  These thoughts came to mind thinking about our experiences with remembering.  Of course, as I grow older, I find myself relying upon others to fill in the blanks of a conversation when a name or fact does not come to mind as swiftly as I would like.  Somehow my two grandmothers came to mind.  I was close to each one of them.  "Nanny" and "Gram" had very different styles but I cannot remember hearing them speak about difficulties in remembering.  But in our world today, remembering has become a challenge for many of us.  Where did I leave the keys?  My glasses, where are they?  Do you remember the name of that fellow who helped your grandfather repair the broken window?  And on and on.  Our minds become cluttered, cluttered, cluttered with so many facts.  Just think about all the codes and numbers you need if you work with a computer.  If they are not recorded in some secret place (if you can remember where that is), how much time do we lose just trying to find that information.
In today responsorial psalm, verses taken from Psalm 105, we are challenged to "recall the wondrous deed He has done."  Easter is drawing closer.  It is only a few days away.  The journey through the Lenten season may well have offered moments for each of us to remember the goodness of the Lord Jesus.  Surely, as noted a number of times in my postings and homilies, I have stressed the need to come to know Jesus as my friend, as my "buddy."  When that level of relationship has been achieved in quiet reflection and prayer, Lent becomes a rewarding experience.  In it during moments of quiet, we can recall the wondrous deeds that have occurred in our lives.  Those are treasures not to be overlooked.
During a dinner last evening with friends, I was asked about all that I had done during my life both as Jesuit novice, scholastic (seminarian) and priest as well as my years as a Diocesan priest.  Driving home after the dinner, I was moved by the awareness of God's presence in so many moments of my life.  It was for me a genuine recalling of wondrous moments and deeds that have come to me.  It was a recalling of countless moments of graces.
Take the time today, if you can, or at a later moment, to recall all that you have done in your lifetime.  Step back from what you recall and see the marvelous gifts of your friend, Jesus.  Then, as the days of the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday) come upon us, recall the acts of supreme sacrifice for you and for me endured by your friend, my buddy, Jesus.  Enjoy the moment!