Thursday, May 9, 2013

Come Holy Spirit ... 10 Days

Only ten days remain before we celebrate Pentecost.  Tomorrow begins the novena of prayer to help us, I pray, in our appreciation of Jesus' gift to us.  In the gospel today Jesus is playing with the disciples. "A little while and I am gone ... a little while later I will return before I go to the Father so that your hearts will experience true happiness."  These might be the words that help us have a better appreciation of Jesus' love for us, his friends.

In some churches and in most Trappist monasteries there is a lighted candle signifying Jesus is present in the Eucharist, housed in a tabernacle.  But in some cases the is a burning candle near the usually opened Bible.  Why?  This book contains the very words of Jesus as well as inspired writings of poets and prophets.  Jesus is  present to us in his words and through the Holy Spirit is present to us in the words of the other bible writers.

Consider this: does reading the bible have any meaning for you, especially if you are alone?  But consider this: if you watch a particular TV program regularly in conjunction with several friends or just one other person, don't you experience a closer relationship with those friends or that other person?  You know that you are watching the same show and that you have something in common.  You have a topic for regular conversation. You have your thoughts about the same program which you can share with one another.

So,too, with a daily reading of the bible.  Think of this:  many people read this and other blogs each day and are led to the Holy Spirit for greater clarity of what Jesus taught.  Even more rewarding are  conversations that might result if you have others who do the same readings.

Daily reading of the bible tied in with some shared reflections can become a cause for deeper personal experiences of joy.  How wonderful is the reality that my reading Sacred Scripture brings me closer to others seeking the same goal:  Jesus Christ.