Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday, 7th Week of Ordinary Time

(Especially the first reading)

Today consider Ben Sirach's words and insights aboutd the treasure house of wisdom and her many giftds tous.  Verses 11-19, I believe, can open up for each person directions to a happy and peace-filled life.  Here are a few insights that I suggest you ponder.

Those who love her (wisdom) love life;
Those who seek her out win the Lord's favor.
Sirach 4:12

Come Holy Spirit, open you gift of wisdom for me!

"If they remain faithful, they will possess me;
their descendants too will inherit me."
Sirach 4:16

Come, Holy Spirit my ability to live out my resolutions.

"I will walk with them in disguise, and at first I will
test them with trails."
Sirach 4:17

Come, Holy Spirit, impart your gift of understanding, 
that I might know when, where and how you seek to lead me
 and give to me your gift of fortitude 
that I may be strong in facing the trials that I confront each day.

And may the Holy Spirit come to the aid 
of the people of Oklahoma
in their days of trial
and pain.