Monday, June 24, 2013

Birth of John the Baptist

Of course the photo is not presented to entice you to run to your kitchen and prepare yourself a wonderful bowl of soup.  Rather it is offered as an opportunity to consider the feast we celebrate today.

We know the story of John.  Cousin of Jesus.  Preached a little ahead of Jesus.  Baptized Jesus at the river.  Lived an austere life.  Eventually martyred.

But a question:  what made him to be the man he was?  What were the ingredients that made his to be as strong as he was?

Should we not consider his mother and father and the manner in which this man was taught?  Needless to say, there has to have been something about the value system that his mother and father shared and taught their son.

Perhaps we have an opportunity to consider what ingredients we brought together to make us the individuals that we have become?  Perhaps we might consider what ingredients we have added to the lives of our own families, our own children, if we are parents and all the others whose lives have been impacted by us.  Do we ever take the time to consider how each of us has a God-given role in our lives to impact the lives of others?

Regardless of our ages, as adults, like John, we have a role in each other's lives.  We can offer the ingredients that enable others to accomplish what God wants of them in his divine plan.

And we can ask ourselves this question:  just what is it God expects of me in putting together the ingredients that make a family, make a community, make a workplace, make a Church?