Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Mixtures of Prayer

As we grow older, most men and women strive to have a few good friends.  It is truly a business of quality over quantity.  In younger years the struggle is to have many friends...aides for distractions in a world of growing up.

Prayer is somewhat the same.  In reality, it seems, prayer is like the struggle with having just the right number of friends, good friend, quality friends, reliable friends, honest friends, loyal friends.  All of these components to be found in just a few friends.  This becomes a great reward when it is achieved.

Prayer is a business of personal relationships...with God the Father, his Son, our brother and friend, Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit, that sometimes elusive voice that we seem to allow to escape from our very being and then there are the saints, those we have heard proclaimed saints by our Church and those we personally believe to be with God in heaven.

Prayer friendship, like human relationships, sometimes involve many words between us while at other times just peaceful silence.  No different than a couple sitting side be each looking at the ocean or a stunning sunset.  With each of our three Person God, time alone is rewarding:  reading a few verses of a psalm; reading a few lines of a part of one of the gospels that captures our attention or simply just a thought that catches the heart while reading a book.

Today the gospel gives us food for thought.  We are encouraged to plant the seeds that grow our relationship with Jesus and ultimately to possess a better Christian life.  This relationship with Jesus comes about in ways no different from our human relationships:  a mixture of conversation stirred with some silence that is poured into our hearts.

And lastly, the gospel encourages us to consider fasting again.  Fasting and prayer:  how do these two come together and important ingredients for our spiritual life.  Fasting seems to be embedded only in the Lenten season.  What does it mean for you during the remainder of the year?