Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Man from Padua

The Spirit of The Lord is upon me.  We hear these words from Jesus.  We hear saints and sinners adopt these words.  Those among us who reach out to help, to comfort, to guide, to encourage:  these are our friends and family who are filled with the Spirit.  Maybe they do not think this is the case.  However, if we have been on the receiving end or have watched others receive help, we know those who have cared were filled with the Spirit of The Lord.

Today our Church recalls and honors a man who did not allow personal sacrifice to withhold the gifts of of the Spirit from another in need.  We do hear his name on occasion.  Let us not forget he is a capable intercession for us when we need the grace to forget self and reach out to someone in need.

Have you felt the Spirit of The Lord in your life lately?  If you might feel somewhat negligent in reaching out to others, ask St Anthony of Padua to help you gain graces from the Holy Spirit to help others.