Tuesday, July 23, 2013

St Bridget of Sweden

The National Cathedral Chapel
Washington, DC

Scripture Today

Jesus has given us the gift of faith as noted by the most recent "encyclicer", Pope Francis.  We are called in faith to know Jesus as the source of real life.  Furthermore, it is Jesus who leads us through graces to know Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

On life we encounter tests -- not just those for academic accomplishments.  What confronts us so often are the moments, the events or the people that test our faith, that tempt us to back away from the light of faith, bypass invitations to spiritual growth. And all of us have heard or said to others that "there is no gain without pain!"

Considering the vine and branches lesson Jesus uses, we should recall that we live for others as well as ourselves.  We have to be the light that makes visible the faith for others and, as well, for ourselves.

It is  the life of St. Bridget that teaches us how much of life should be closely associated with Jesus Christ through the faith that we learn and allow the Spirit to instill in our hearts.  He was the vine for Bridget.  She became the branch or the fruit that would feed others with the goodness of Jesus because she taught them to enjoy living the faith.

And you?