Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hearing God's Word for Us

Today, we honor one of the early saints and teachers in the Church.  Yet, to many, he is a saint of the times.  His writings always seem to have a thrust that helps us in so many of our contemporary situations.

Spirituality, as Augustine learned himself, is all about listening.  Listening to the voice of God, the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts if we but allow ourselves the time and the effort to set aside what seems momentarily so important.

When I allow activities to become foremost in my days and when I don't stop for some moments of quiet reflection ...  not just reading the Breviary or doing some spiritual reading ... I begin to feel differently.  As soon as I feel at odds with myself, I know what has been happening:  I have not been giving God the time to help me, to be with me.  My inner ear, my heart and soul, have been caught in a drought.

Our challenge, as it was for Augustine, is to listen to readings such as the Pauline reading, the first of today's liturgy.  He speaks to us about listening.  Hearing the word that comes to us from God each day, each hour, any moment when we set aside time for God.

God gives us a treasure each day.  The Holy Spirit always wishes to speak to us in ways that help us confront the daily challenges, those moments when we feel up against a wall.  Don't listen to your own voice when praying.  Listen in quiet to the thoughts, the inspirations, the Holy Spirit wishes for you.