Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alert. Be On The Alert.

[1 Thes 5:1-6, 9-11]

The first reading to today's reflection is the final reading from Paul's letter to the Thessalonian for this Liturgical Year.  We will return to this letter about the same time next year.

Paul is concerned that the people of Thessalonica have a proper understanding of the subject of the Lord's coming.  This reading can be summarized in single words such as "watchfulness", "alert", or perhaps that word "times and seasons."

The Day of the Lord seemed to be a major concern among the people of Thessalonica: some were trying like folks of our generation to set the day and the time when they would experience the return of the Lord.  Others had given up work because for them there was a surety that the Lord was expected any day soon.

Paul's writing was to scotch [a cob-web word I found in the dusty corner of my dictionary!] such an idea or expectation.

"The Day of the Lord" is rooted in Amos 5:18.  For the OT folks it was a time when God would come again and this time put before us judgement or blessing.  It stands as the final moment of and for all things.  Paul believes this moment of the Lord will only come when folks believe all things are quiet and peaceful.

Paul teaches that we should not forget that we are children of the light.  Christians are for each other and all others children of the light.  That mean we should be wiewidede awake and alert and have control of our senses.

Today we need to be in balance between being ready to be called at any moment of any day but at the same time we should not be burdened by worrying about when and how we will be exiting this life on earth.  We can best be prepared by living always in the present moment:  "seeking, finding and responding to God in every person and in every experience of every moment of every day."  Do this and there will be no surprises!!!  Deo Gratias!!!