Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love Covers All Offenses

Dear Friends,

Proverbs chapter 10, verse 12:  Love covers all offenses.  This verse appears in the first reading in the  Office of Reading in the breviary selections for today.  It is one of those verses that can be read quickly because that same sentiment appears throughout the New Testament.  But, when the one who prays pauses and begins a little thinking on the realities of life, the mind and heart open up to the Holy Spirit.

First, whose love?  Well, for me, the fact that it is God's love for me that brought his son, Jesus, to be with humanity.  He is with me and you each day of our lives, present to "cover" our sins, to offer again his sufferings and death as an atonement to the Father for us and the forgiveness of our sins.

Second, if we consider our relationships with our sisters and brothers, we come to an awareness once again that it is our love for others that  "covers" our actions that offend our brothers and sisters.  Can you even begin to imagine what the absence of love would be in your life?

These days I see those who come to the hospital to visit my brother in his serious illness or the ones who call from so many distant places or the many get well cards tacked to the cork board in his hospital room.  Every word, every smile:  these are the manifestations of the love God placed in our hearts when he created us.

The question in my heart now is this:  when and how have I failed to share the love God has shown me in my life by the forgiveness of my sins with my sisters and brothers I have offended at one time or another in my life?

Look outside.  Where I am the sun is bright, the sky is clear and blue.  What do I see?  So many signs of God's love for me ........ And YOU,

Oremus pro invicem!

Fr. Milt