Monday, February 10, 2014

Seeking God's Care

Dear Friends,

Today my message to you must be brief.  It is early in the AM and darkness still prevails.  Since last evening I have been in special prayer for my brother, Jack, who had to be rushed to a hospital nearby his home because he could not breathe.

He suffers from COPD, that terrible disease (?) or damage to his lungs because of 2ndary smoke (he has never smoked the first cigarette or cigar).  He came down with a heavy chest cold several weeks ago.  It seems that it will not leave his chest.  Last evening his lungs were having a terrible time doing their mission.

I have not heard any news during the night ... thanks be to God.  As soon as I send the parishioners on their way after the morning Mass, I will immediately leave to be with him.

On his behalf and that of his family at this time your prayers would mean so much.

God is with all of us but at times it surely is scary.  Join me in asking God to bring a renewed health to Jack so that he can accomplish what has been the dream of his later years in life ... reaching out to others.

Oremus pro invicem and my family!

Fr. Milt