Monday, February 17, 2014

Which Anniversary?

Dear Friends,

A friend is celebrating another birthday!  For most there are only two dates we remember:  birthday and anniversary dates like wedding, religious profession or  ordination.  That seems to be it with just a few exceptions.

Recently someone asked this question:  "do you remember the date of your baptism?"  The response was "You must be kidding."  Of course most of us do not have that date in our memories because, when someone pour the baptismal water over our heads, we were only in the world a few days or weeks.  The only thing you might have done is bellow forth with a scream as the cold water hit your head!

See if you can find the date.  Why?  First, to know that day is to know a blessed day.  Why again?  Because on that day you became someone special in God's eyes.  Indeed you were "born again."  Our baptism placed each of us in a very particular and powerful relationship between Jesus and his Father.

At that moment each of us became a special bearer of a new hope.  It is the hope that carries us on the path of salvation whenever we come to The Lord Jesus seeking pardon for our sins.

Likewise the sacrament opens us to a new sensitivity to God as well as all our brothers and sisters.  Our baptism is the source of the drive within us to live like Jesus did and as he called us to live.

These are some of the reasons that the date of a person's baptism can have significance.  I
These are reasons that remind us again of who we are and hoe blessed we are by our loving God.  And, just maybe, it might be a cause for another little celebration.  I think life would be different in so many circles of friends were we to gather for a time of sharing this special day in our lives!  It would certainly bring many of us to halt and think how each of us is truly a special person.

My brother continues to improve.  Soon moving to a rehab center sometime this week primarily to regain his walking skills.

Oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Milt