Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Journey's Start

Ash Wednesday

My God, my brother, Jesus, here I am once again starting yet another Lent.  I thank you for yet another year of life because for me life is worth living...for You, for my family, my friends and and me.

Some years ago, the Holy Spirit led me to do much reading of the works of Henri Nouwen.  Certainly he was a priest who endured much interior unrest in his life.  However, he never flinched from helping where help was needed.  Just yesterday one of his writings fell by chance into my hands.  What a blessing.

Fr. Nouwen wrote "...I enter into this holy season of Lent with fear, but also with great expectations.  I hope for a great breakthrough, a powerful conversion, a real change of heart."*

Isn't this a presentation of the sentiments many Christians feel on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday?

Like Fr. Nouwen should we not pray that Jesus will walk the Lenten journey with each of us every day of Lent.

Jesus, may your presence be with me each day of Lent in a quiet and peaceful way.

My friends, each day during Lent I will spend time with the Lord for an extra hour -- a retired priest's privilege, I realize.  During those hours, please know that I shall seek God's graces and other blessings be given to you during this season so that these days may be filled with a realized closeness with the Son of God during the days of his passion, death and resurrection.  Amen.

From the Hermitage, late Shrove Tuesday evening,

Fr. Milt