Monday, March 10, 2014

Apart from me ..........Nothing!

Week 1 --  Monday

Dear Lord,

Sounds like you get serious with me every so often.  You know, it is not easy to hear you tell me nothing is really possible unless you are involved in my life..  You know my generation did enjoy a time when most parents were able to provide almost anything that was a felt need.  So, to hear "nothing" and believe that you mean it, brought me to a halt.

Independence is bred in our American hearts.  Not to strive for independence throughout our lives says something about us.  Yet our wanting to be independent can be costly when we fail to recognize that genuine independence  has within it a necessary component with a respect for dependence.  Lord, maybe I have not looked upon the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of our United States and the Ten Commandments as safeguards of our freedoms.  I must rely on these documents to protect my freedoms.  Yes, even those "Thou shall nots" of the Commandments.

So, without you I guess my days would be very different, wouldn't they?  Like so many, I face those  words often but because I read them, speak them and preach them, I have, over the years, worn them smooth.  As I am growing older and blessed with more free time (another gift of freedom!), some of the poignant words from your son are catching my attention as never before.

During these days, as I strive to bring the Holy Spirit of God meaningfully into my daily being, grace me with an awareness of the reasons why I need to offer my praise and thanksgiving.  Amen.

Oremus pro invicem!

From the Hermitage,

Fr. Jordan