Thursday, March 13, 2014

Prayerful Patience - Patient Prayer

The Hermitage

A few questions: (1) when you decide to order on line, how strong is your reaction to a notice that informs you that at least two weeks of expecting lies ahead; (2) when you call your doctor's office and the receptionist politely asks that you remain on the line for a minute or two, do you feel annoyed because you have to wait?

The theme or message in Today's Scripture deals with the virtue of patience.  We are are asked by God when we pray to knock, to realize He may realize what is best for you may not be what you prayed for at this time.  

An interesting experiment recently tried:  try to keep a count today how many times have you grumbled aloud or in mind and heart because something did not happen as you wish nor as fast as you wish.  Remember how many graces will abound by Lent's end if each time your intention  does not happen immediately especially because another human being is not moving swiftly enough?  Waiting to cash out at the automated cashier at the grocery store and the ( damn) machine isn't working for the customer ahead if you.  When the driver ahead of you does not take off the split second to light turns green.  When the preacher does bout know when enough is enough!

Good God, give me the gift of patience!

Oremus pro invicem.  Today I am moving in with my brother who has been seriously ill.   He will be "freed" from the rehab center today.  He would be alone during daytime hours.  So, it's time for me to do the brotherly thing!  Yes, I will need your prayers!  And,yes, I have told him ". Paybacks are hell!!!

So, if I miss a day's reflection, you will understand.

Fr. Milt