Monday, March 24, 2014


From the Hermitage

The Annunciation

The title of this reflection may have captured you attention.  Did some resign?  On the feast of the Annunciation?  What relationship is there between resignation and annunciation?

Mary' response to Gabriel is indeed a moment more powerful than most imagine.   There was no one leaving a position of authority.  What we witness in celebration today is Mary's complete resignation to the Will of  God.

Today think on this:  throughout the course of a day, consider any day, how many have been the times when you were called upon to say to the Holy Spirit "I come to do as yo have asked."  And can you say that you have replied with as much openness and determination as did Mary.  Okay, you are not a saint, at least in your own eyes and not as far as you understand sanctity or sainthood!

However, when confronted by a clear decision that comes to you from on high, as it were, can you be as brave and unhesitatingly honest as was Mary?

We are faced each day with many circumstances that demand of us something more than the usual challenges life may bring before us.  My brother's continuing illness poses new lifestyles for a number of things.  The promises that needed adjusting, the friendships that could a great part of my free time:  these are the questions I have been mulling over in my life this month?

Are you leading an easy life because  you have an easy manner of passing off challenges that will try your soul as well as your patience?