Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rest in God, My Soul.

from the Hermitage
For Sunday
March 2, 2014

So much has happened in my days of the past week.  King David seemed to write especially to me with the words "Rest in God, my soul."  This evening "The Son of God" beckoned.  Wow!  A moving  experience but one that continually brought to mind the times that, like Peter, denial of Christ was a part of my experience.  Like Pope Francis, there are some of us who can honestly confess in response to the question "who are you?" That "I am a sinner."

Perhaps this acknowledgement makes King David 's words difficult to incorporate into our daily lives.  To rest in God is to accomplish achieving complete trust in God.

It is so much easier, isn't it, to trust in my computer, my iPad etc..  How often do I show extraordinary trust when I invest in the Stock Market?  And just how often do individuals rely upon Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for assurances?  But a crashed computer and then it is OMG!!!

When it is difficult to trust, what is manifest?  The answer: security from vulnerability!

At least for me thoughts that are good lead ins to Lent.

Oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Milt