Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hearts Healed!

From the Hermitage

Wednesday of Easter Week

Today's gospel brings us to the event that probably has a personal meaning for many who struggle to know God's will.  The two disciples walking to Emmaus because their hopes for a messiah have been dashed.  They had not yet hears the news about Jesus and his resurrection.  They were frightened by the idea that they might become victims because they had associated with Jesus.  They were good friends of the man who was put to death because his message and some actions offended the ruling religious leaders in Jerusalem.  Even more frightening  was the hurt that all they had invested in time and belief in Jesus was lost.

Surely there have been similar situations that have confronted believers.  Events have occurred in their lives that have shaken them.  "Why," they might ask. "why did I allow myself to be so blind?"  When they asked themselves that question, they too were walking to Emmaus.

Have you been on this road at one time or another in your lifetime.  Have you put your stock in another person's word or promises?  Have you invested time and talent in a project that failed?

If you have, have you been able to set with Jesus in quiet prayer to allow him to speak to your heart?  Have you allowed the Holy Spirit entrance into you heart?  Have you allowed  Him to show you what may have been a mistake on your part?  

What have you learned form some moments with God?  In many instances the deepest question is a simple one:  How can I live with myself after seeing a genuine blindness that might have occurred because you were committed to someone or to something that promised a new way of life, a new experience in goodness?

What the disciples experienced on that first Easter Sunday easily can be an experienced similar to moments many of us have endured.  If this is so, now is the time to invite Jesus to dinner for a heart to heart conversation.