Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just a Little Patience

From the Hermitage
April 2, 2014

Dear Friends,

It is my hope that you will have the time to read the three readings the Church has given us for this Wednesday in the 4th week of Lent.  Throughout the readings you will find references to the mercy of God.

Consider the painting of The Creation of Adam by the renowned artist, Michelangelo, that is reserved in the Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican.  Look carefully at the stretch that God is making to the hand of Adam who does not seem to be trying as hard to reach God.

The Creation of Adam - Michelangelo

Isn't it strange how we, children of God, can allow ourselves to grow angry with God.  Even in very difficult situations that we encounter in our lives, we should not allow the mercy of God to be forgotten.

As I struggle with the challenges my brother is encountering at this point in his life, I know the pain that he feels every day is severe.  Despite some drugs, he feels the pail in his foot.  It makes standing so difficult.  What is God allowing the to happen?  On bad days my brothers groans with phrases such as "Let me roll over and die.  Let me get out of this life."  That is genuine pain.  Some in this situation would be angry at God.  Some would criticize God's mercy as being unreal or only for special people.

At times I find myself becoming somewhat angry with my brother and his temporary failures to fight the good battle.  And then there are those moments when, like my brother, I become frustrated with a nurse or two because there is not instant service in response to the button pushed to call a nurse.

The words in the readings today are truly a challenge for modern society.  We have become a society that expects instantaneous response to our expressed needs (thanks to our computer science).  Reread what God says about his mercy and all that he will give to us.  We have to be more actively involved that Adam.  See how God is straining to reach Adam.  Adam seems to be sitting there just waiting for God to react.  Are we like that with God?  This might be a topic for some serious reflection and prayer as we make our way closer to Easter Sunday. 

Do I allow impatience to be a major power directing my life?