Monday, May 5, 2014

Fully Alive!

From the Hermitage

“The glory of God is the person fully alive,” Ireneus of Antioch.

Dear Friends,

Words from a wise person become treasures for those who seek to know themselves and who desire to understand God's will in their lives.  For most folks, having to deal with boring, uninspired, selfish individuals is so far removed from "fully alive."

Have you noticed the recent change in men's dress down clothing?  Bright colors dominate the dsiplays in most department stores.  Why did this come about?  Or how?  It is my opinion that the traditional had become dead weight in the life of men who like excitement, who enjoy brightness in their lives.

When we are men and women who find religion exciting, who spend countless hours helping others, who take time each day to speak with God, who reflect on what the Holy Spirit can do for us, when we have these experiences, most of us a models of a life that is fully alive.

Take some time today to evaluate yourself:  Am I am person my God and my friends would easily describe as "fully alive"?  Is your relationship with God a source of brightness in your life?  Do you allow the Holy Spirit to charge your batteries on a regular basis?

The Knights of Columbus has a Latin sentence of two words that is meant to be a signal to the individual Knight to be like Jesus who certainly was not dull or lacking in challenges to his friends.  Consider what these two words might mean for you whether you are a Knight or not?  Vivat Jesus!  Let Jesus live!  And we might add:  "in our hearts!"

Oremus pro invicem!

Fr. Milt