Thursday, June 19, 2014

Babble Battle

From the Hermitage

Dear Friends,

Because we live at a time in world history when abundance has become a reality for many, we can honestly say that poverty is not a reality for many.  However, some may find that statement difficult to accept or believe.

How many live without at least one automobile?  Sure, getting to work from suburban homes or apartments demands auto transportation.  How many of us live without the assurance of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  That percentage cannot be dramatically high although even 1% is too high.

So, what's the issue.  In the gospel today Jesus speaks about the value of simplicity in prayer.  Do not babble on in your prayers.  What is his message?  Again it is simplicity.  Praying is good for sure.  But prayer can be most powerful for us when we speak few, if any, words.  Praying with the Lord does not demand words, words, words.  Jesus is teaching in this gospel what we need:  a simple prayer -- the Our Father.

How often do we speak about clutter?  Hoarding has become such a reality in our culture that there are TV presentations about individuals who become victims of babble in the "things" world.  To be honest, I looked at the clothes I have.  In my heart there are days when I wish we had not abandoned the cassocks priests used to wear as daily dress.  It was so simple:  just put on black slacks and a t-shirt and then the cassock and we were ready to face the day.  Shoes, socks and underwear, of course!

At the present time, I am going through all the "things" that have amassed in my "belongings".   Too much, too much.

What is of value?  What should be a regular part of my life that suffers because "things" take up so much time.  If you have a garage, how cluttered is it?  Ride through a neighborhood where there are garages on the front side of a house.  When you pass opened garage doors, how easy it is to see congestion!  

We have trained ourselves well for the commercial world.  Listen to youngsters in grocery carts as they are pushed through the aisles.  What do would you hear most often?  I hear "Mommy (or Daddy) "We NEED that ......"  And just watch the trip through the aisle where there are cereals!  "We need..."
"I really like this and that one ...."

Lord, grant me the graces to know what I truly need and the power to let go of the many things that clutter my life.

Oremus pro invicem!

Fr. Milt