Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ignatius House

Dear Friends,

Good morning.  Let me share with you thoughts from Pope Francis' homily at his morning Mass today.

Throughout the world there is heard so often a call for transparency.  The Holy Father today spoke about the reality that authenticity in living one's faith should be the mark of Christians of these times. At the outset of his homily Pope Francis said that authentic Christian living is active charity.

Luke's gospel verses today present the well-known scene where Jesus is criticized by his dinner host when he reclined at the table without following the prescribed ritual ablutions.  Jesus knew that the host, a Pharisee, wanted to embarrass Jesus publicly by appearing to look good in following the ablution ritual.

Pope Francis called attention to "good manners and bad habits" that mark the lives of many want to appear as authentic when in fact they are not.  He asks his hearers and those who read his homily to examine their own lives.  It is so easy for us today to try to look good, to try to impress others about our own spirituality.   It is one thing to be gathered in prayer, thumbing rosary beads.  It is quite another to leave the prayer mode and then become a person living a different lifestyle.

Papa Francisco then reminds us "every disordered desire distances us from Jesus Christ."

Again this successor of St. Peter, kindly but surely puts before us the kinds of temptations that face Christians in our world today where authenticity is often passed over easily.

Oremus pro invicem!

Fr. Milt