Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Better Part

From Ignatius House

Dear Friends,

"Lord, I want to hear all about it!"  We might sum up Lazarus' sister's attitude toward life, so very different from sister Martha's approach to fussing over every detail and missing so much of the treasure that others can bring to us when they are given the opportunity.

Perhaps it is good to hear this gospel story again.  Even better,  perhaps we should add a new scripture verse citation on the refrigerator door:  (LK 10:38-42).  This would be a good reminder that there are two ways of living: hustle, bustle or let me listen.  The same example in these Lucan verses might also help us strengthen our relationships with family, colleagues and friends.

Knowing when to hustle about, running at the mouth or to open one's mind and heart to another person's desires to share some of his/her experiences.  Yes, there are moments for "doing dishes" but perhaps just inviting someone to share his/her story is the better part.  And, you know, the dishes will still be there after the guest has departed!

Oremus pro invicem!

Fr. Milt