Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And Who Was Charles Lwanga???

Today our Church celebrates the memory, the commitment and the sacrifice of 22 young men who served as pages in the court of the King of Uganda in the mid-nineteenth century. When the king wanted the young men to become the object of his sexual desires, they refused. Their denial was brought on by the commitment to their new found faith. Their profession of faith earned for them a 40 mile march to the site of their death. The king had a large fire built and the young men were placed in the fire to die.

Today we really have little need of another computer expert, or another major league sports stadium or even another financial expert. No! What we need today are men and women firmly committed to their faith.

Where are the contemporary martyrs who stand firm for the values of life from conception to death? Where are the contemporary martyrs who refuse to become victims to immorality and unethical practices that are so bountiful in our land?

These young martyrs speak to us of the challenge of faith and at times how difficult that commitment might be. When we might find ourselves tempted to give in to anything that is not good for us or our society, remember Charles and his colleagues. They are relatively modern examples to us, genuine models for all of us especially the young adults among us.