Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tobiah Model: Faith, Hope and Charity

The scriptures for today's liturgy are well suited for married couples.

Today's readings link together well. What man today would marry a woman who had been to the altar seven times only to experience the death of the husband before their marriage was consummated? Very few, if any, I suppose. Well Tobit's son, Tobiah, married Sarah even after he learned about those who had gone before him. He trusted God. He had a genuine faith that led him to believe God was calling him to this marriage. For anyone deciding to marry, great faith and trust in God in needed. Great trust and faith in the person who will become a bride or groom is essential. Those who have been married for many years will attest to the need of faith, especially during those challenges that come into a married life.

The responsorial psalm speak about fear of God. This should be understood as a kind of awe of God and his power, his goodness. From this experience of awe of God it seems natural that the heart might move to hope. Surely for someone planning to marry and for those who have married, hope is always needed. Each partner has to hope that what he/she does will be for the good of their marriage. Hope is not just a one-time experience. Hope is a life long experience. We, single or married, we all know that we have to hope that what we are doing in and with our lives will be what is best for ourselves and a spouse if one is married.

Lastly, Jesus speaks about the great commandment: love one another. Surely this is the pinnacle of married life. Without love how can any marriage survive? Without a genuine love of God how can a marriage be blessed through its own ups and downs?

Let today be a moment for married couples to recall that faith, hope and love are very much a part of marriage. For those of us not married, let us pray for our married relatives and friends that their days together will always be blessed with faith, hope and love.