Friday, June 5, 2009

Empowered by God's Intention

Before human beings began to measure time, each of us was a thought or an intention in the mind of God. As time progressed, this same God gave a gift to the world: you. That intention became a reality. You became a shareholder in his creative power. You and I, we can bring about marvelous happenings when we allow ourselves to be a manifestation of God's love.

Consider the continuing saga of Tobit, his blindness and the return of his newly married son, Tobiah. Returning with his bride, Sarah, Tobiah, also accompanied by his companion (angel) Raphael, immediately addressed his father's blindness. First, he breathed heavily over his father's eyes. Why? He was mindful of his won power as a created child of God. Next, he rubbed fish gall on his father's eyes. Lastly, he himself peeled away the blinding cataracts from his father's eyes. The result? "I can see you son, the light of my eyes."

God has empowered each of his creations to be of service to others. All of us come from God to bring about good for others who may be blinded by the eg0-created cataracts that blind seeing and living God's intentions for the world. When we take the time to contemplate the reality of God's creative power within us, when we are strong enough to see the Raphael companions God puts into the various journeys of our lives, we can reach out to others to help them remove their blindness. We must first, however, make certain that we allow ourselves to be open to see that God has given each of us a purpose, an intention to be fulfilled in our lives on this earth.

When Mary was praying, contemplating the creative wonder of God, an angel appeared and her world was flooded by God's creative Spirit. Her openness ultimately was the medicine that would open the eyes of the world to her Son, Jesus.

Each time you partake of the Eucharist, you open yourself to the creative power of God. Your communion is a fellowship with Jesus Christ for your own awareness of God's gifts to you and an empowerment to help him remove the blindness of our times.