Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Law and Spirit


How different the scenes above. Yet, each presenting the message or will of the Father. The difference between hard, cold stone and the compassionate love Jesus not just for the young but for all ages. Both fulfilling the Father's will to teach humankind of his "law." We know the tablets were given to Moses by God and we know that Jesus was given to us by his Father. While both are guides for us, the compassion Jesus used throughout his life in teaching, consoling, guiding and building draw more attention than two tablets of stone with sacred words.

It is so much easier to follow what the Father asks of us when we come to know it through the voice and life of another human being like ourselves. As strong as the Constitution of the United States might be when it is printed on parchment or in a small pocket-size booklet, it takes on life when we watch the Legislative and Judicial Branches of our government tackle the issues that impact our society today. We see the members of those to branches of our government struggle with issues of law and life. They make clear that as strong as a law might be, its success is serving society come when it is a lived experience in the lives of the people.

For us the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the heart of Jesus and those who follow him will be stronger than any written document or words etched in stone. God calls us to live lives of grace -- graces that enable us to live lives that make real the two great commandments which sum up all the 10 Commandments.