Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paul is a faithful as God's sunrise!

Today's first reading shows us that Paul, too, had times when he could not meet his scheduled meetings and appointments. Seemingly, he had promised the people of Corinth that he would visit two times: both on his way to and back from Macedonia. A change of plans resulted in his not showing up on the the return.

That resulted in a public mistrust of the great preacher and writer. Not one to sit silently by, he retorted that his love and care for the Corinthians was as consistent as was the love and care that God the Father had for them. They should trust, Paul tells them, because he had been anointed by the Father. Likewise he was gift by the Holy Spirit in his heart with wonderful wisdom.

Turn to the gospel. We can say that Paul in his determined manner was salt of the earth and light of the world. And this is what we might consider quietly today: am I salt of the earth and light of the world to my family ... my spouse, my children? Am I the salt and light the nourishes those who work with me? Am I God's instrument today?