Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday's Gospel -- Abundance of Trust

In today’s gospel (Mk 5:21-43) we encounter another example of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ. A synagogue official, Jairus by name, went down on his knees and bowed low to Jesus’ feet. Certainly this was an act of humility. But more important, this was the conviction of one father who was willing to do anything to save his daughter who was critically ill. “Come lay your hands on her.” Jairus truly believed that Jesus would cure her simply by putting his hands on her.

Notice this: immediately Jesus “ ... went off with him.” There was no question, no evaluation, no effort to know how good or bad Jaiirus was. He was asked for help, so Jesus went immediately. Then, as the group was heading to Jairus’ house, what happened? Bad news is brought to the crowd: the little girl had succumbed to her illness. Now there was no need for Jesus to continue to Jairus’ house. But Jesus was on a mission to teach all of us as well as those who had seen the faith of a distraught father.

“Do not be afraid: just have faith.” Three simple words: just have faith. Just have faith. These are the words that Jesus gives to you and me every day, in every circumstance where we cannot solve the problems or the challenges that lie before us.

No doubt there are so many of us that carry burdens we cannot solve of our own power or ability. Sometimes we just don’t have faith. Perhaps we might initially bring a problem to God but because there is no immediate solution, we weaken, we almost give up completely on God.

We need keep this story of Jairus in our hearts at all times but especially when we are overwhelmed. As a priest, I have encountered so many individuals who ask me “Where is God when I need him?” Perhaps the individual would better resolve the problem if there was a different mindset: “Why can’t I trust that God will help resolve the challenge before me?”

Let the experience of Jairus be for us an example of trust, a genuine act of faith in God. If we truly trust in him, he will bring about what we need. He will sayi to you and me: Trust me. “Do not be afraid: just have faith.”

Today the Church asks us to help the Holy Father in his efforts to be able to offer assistance to those who seek his assistance. The Peter’s Pence collection is a means by which the Pope can help those who come to him in their difficulties which make life seem so burdensome. In a way it is your helping the Church answer the calls of the needy who are trying to believe that God will come through with help for them in their needs.