Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Today may your hearts be filled with genuine pride
as we celebrate who we are as a nation
under God's providence.

will be the final posting for
Prayer on the Hill
until September 15, 2009

I begin the work
of moving to my home,
taking a vacation
with some family and friends
and laying the foundation
for a new blog
that will succeed
Prayer on the Hill
since I will not be calling
"the Hill"
my neighborhood.

It has been a wonderful experience
living so close to
"what's happening"
in our nation.

On September 15th
the Prayer on the Hill
will reopen with
a link to the new blog.

Thanks to all of you readers
for your comments
when I meet you walking
"on the Hill."

Let us pray for our nation today and
for one another.
Have a great summer.

Father Milt Jordan