Friday, September 4, 2009

Returning Soon

As promised in June, Prayer on the Hill will resume on September 15, 2009 ... perhaps with a new look ... but the name will remain the same even though I no longer live on Capital Hill. Just think about sitting on top of any hill, reflecting on God's plans for you in your life that comes through the words of Scripture or other spiritual readings or reflections.

There is one item I would like to put forth at this time.

I am 68 years old. Never, that I can recall, have I experienced listening to so much evil, hatred, vitriol from people who came to Town Hall meetings. Much the sick thinking and acting has been prompted by so many talk show hosts. There is not just one: this is the group Scripture calls "legions." On my Twitter site I made this comment: We don't have to worry about radical groups attacking the USA: it has already begun with the hatred that has so divided the country during this summer. Finally some of the tv anchors have begun to recognize that it is time to cool jets ... perhaps too late but at least any attempt will be some improvement. Turn on most radio talk shows where you would expect to be helped with information you do not know. What do you hear: attacking of the President of the USA, attacking of some of the elected representatives in our Congress, attacking people who are simply trying to become better. And where is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops? Two Bishops across the land have taken stands challenging the health bill as they believe it will be.

Pope Gregory the Great spoke about the role of teachers and preachers in the church while reflecting on the writings of the Prophet Ezekiel. He said these proclaimers are called watchmen in the Old Testament. It is the role and duty of the teachers and preachers to watch for the intrusion of the "enemy" into the hearts and minds of the followers of Jesus Christ. Evil, anger, hatred are the troops of the enemy who have invaded our culture at this time.

It is sad. The picture above offers a thought: the stillness of the water in the River Seone in France reflects the flowers and buildings on a island in the river. It is a reflection of peace and calm. The river gives something to anyone thinking about how we live is a reflection to others of who we are and what we are. I cannot imagine if it would be possible to see any peace and calm in the waters of the river USA during these last days of summer. When I was studying theology, we heard a twisting of one of the lines of scripture: Look, see the Christians! See how they club one another (not love one another)!