Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seeing God?

"And he kept trying to see him."

Luke 9:9

Yes, you have seen this photo before. Here's a challenge that could prove very interesting and rewarding. Stop someone on any street corner and dare to ask this question: "Do you see a clear picture of God at work in Jesus' life? You might ask a similar question of a friend during a conversation: "I was wondering if etc. ....?"

In the New Testament, particularly Luke's gospel, the evangelist portrays

many individuals who stand amazed and somewhat awestruck or confused. Herod was such a person. He had heard about the reports of people who spoke about all that Jesus had been doing. He seemed determined to know more about Jesus.

When Jesus performed miracles, there were those who did not believe he could have done such wonders. Other imagined him to be a powerful person but wanted to how who he was. There were those who would look at him but something within kept them from seeing God in him.

A question for you, dear reader: "In the good that you witness, do you ever stop yourself to ask if you see God and his Son at work in the person doing the good?" Another question: "Do you try to imagine how close the person you have watch is to God, to Jesus?"

Do you ever see Jesus in the good you do? Do you keep trying to see him?