Monday, October 26, 2009


The two readings offer joy and cause for gratitude. In each reading we encounter God's abundance. In St. Paul's words and Jesus' teaching consider God's blessing to your own spirit. In particular, Paul's think is a reminder of heritage, our unique relationship as daughters and sons of a loving Father. It is relationship to Jesus that comes about because "those who are led buy the Spirit of God" are also daughters and sons of God. This relationship does not come to anyone of us because of our family tree! It is the abundance of God.

The gospel can be another meaningful experience of divine giving. Today it can also afford us the opportunity to recall how we men and women have the rewarding experience of knowing first hand at least one, but most likely, women who have carried heavy burdens in their lifetimes. Giving birth to children, enduring physical or emotional abuse by a parent, spouse or perpetrator, suffering injustices in the workplace: these are but a few of the burdens or crosses that bend the backs of so many of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters or aunts. And notice this: like many women, the crippled woman in the gospel does not ask relief. Rather Jesus sees her need and responds because, as Paul reminds us, our heritage with God as his child is a unique sharing in his abundance.