Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What the Smallest Can Become

What Little Can Become
In today's gospel reading we encounter Jesus' words about the smallest of seeds, the mustard seed. Lacking a picture of a mustard seed, the above will suffice. From the smallest of seeds a beautiful flower or plant can evolve ... it is another sign of God's abundance.
We are no different. So easily we can become like the seeds that produce wonders in our own world. We can become the embodiment of God's abundance, his gift to others. How many are the small ways that you can imagine as avenues for Jesus to walk into the lives of others?
Just yesterday a high school classmate who has remained a close friend for more than 54 years came to visit. I think back to a September day in 1959 when we met, the first day of our freshman year at Gonzaga High School here in Washington, DC. It was an insignificant meeting, a gathering of frightened new freshman students. Something clicked. A conversation started: "Where did you go to grammar school?" A seed was planted ... for 54 years that seed has continued to grow through countless meetings, numerous emails, many, many dinners, meetings in Ocean City and Washington, DC and most rewarding the incorporation of many people into our individual circles of friends. All because a seed was planted, a question was asked.
Planting seeds, even a very small, insignificant seed, can become a flower, a plant, far beyond that first meeting. It is a small seed that has enable me and my visiting friend to advance the Kingdom of God in our own hearts and in the lives of so many others.
And you? Is there a sensitivity in your heart that can allow a simple, small question or event lead to something remarkable, something enduring, something truly God-gifted? Consider Jesus' story of the mustard seed as it might have been fulfilled in your past as well as how it might be planted today, tomorrow or next week. One never knows what abundance can result from a simple question.