Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Born before the waves of Vatican II lapped the shores of your life? If so, no doubt, you can surely remember how teachers, preachers and parents -- many of them, not all -- tried to teach us something contrary to what Jesus taught. You must surely be thinking now? The answer: to build a life that was grounded on a strong and confident love of oneself was sure to lead us to destruction!

And what was Jesus teaching throughout his lifetime that was contrary to not loving yourself and being strong in that kind of love? What Jesus taught was that love of oneself was without any doubt the foundation of of a good spiritual life. If you take a few moments to let your mind and heart be with the Holy Spirit as you consider that love of self is so critically important, perhaps your heart and soul will find genuine peace and strength. Maybe you will end up saying to yourself, “Yes, yes! I am that God created being and I love myself because ‘self, you were God’s gift to me and to the world.’”

Self esteem is truly a grace that God offers each of us. It, also, is a key to our success if it is a love that brings us to a genuine sense of gratitude both to God and to those who are part of our lives. Stop and consider this now: Without a genuine self-esteem, a balanced love of oneself, without this none of us will be able to fulfill the life God wants for and from us.

Why was Jesus frustrated by the [nine lepers] who did not return to thank him? It was not their failure to express their gratitude. Rather it was because the nine had lost out on sharing in the great gift of gratitude. What a peace and joy there is in the life of the ones who know every day and in so many ways that there is the opportunity to express heartfelt thanks.

Do you think this is “way out there?” Listen to these words that are in the Responsorial psalm for today Eucharistic Liturgy:

“I said: You are gods, all of you, sons
(and daughters) of the Most High.”
Psalm 28

Don’t lose a grasp on these words, words from on high, as we say: you are beautiful and you are handsome. And God said that about you.