Saturday, January 9, 2010

AWAY: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday BUT, BUT, BUT

Just to let you know this: the poster will be away Sunday morning until Tuesday mid-day. Visiting a PA friend for two days.

Reflection: For me it will be to consider what a blessing the last two weeks of the Christmas season has been? Enumeration some of the blessings for yourself on a pad of paper. Take ten minutes each day and answer this question: If I knew God would be calling me home tomorrow, what would I see as the blessings that I have received? How have I thanked God for them? Do I even think to thank him for them?

Do this for each of the days Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Take it seriously?
On Sunday: what are the family blessings that I experienced during the Christmas holidays, even if I am not a Christian?

On Monday: what are the blessings that I have personally experienced in my heart for my God, my Creator ... blessings that have come to your mind independent of the familial blessings you have received?

On Tuesday: think for a while on your baptism. You, most likely, were a baby and can't even begin to imagine what happened on the day waters were poured over your head. However, as a big boy or girl at this time, ask yourself this question: Really, self, what does your baptism mean to you today? Do you really take time to consider why God made you who you are? You know you might easily have been a Muslim; a person with dark or black skin; a person with a different sexual preference than most people; a person like Patrick Hughes ( the blind trumpeter). What does it mean to YOU that God made you what you are, where you are and how you are?