Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Challenge of Healing 1 - 21 - 2010

Rembrandt's Mother as Biblical Prophetess Hannah. 1631

Reading today's two scripture selections from Ordinary Time, we might ask ourselves what meaning there could be from Samuel about Saul's decision to use, or misuse, his power. How do the thought of a writer from the 11th to 10th century BC have any significance for us today?

Perhaps even more meaningful in today's culture evils exist but authorities and others know there are laws that impact our lives. The part of the first book of Samuel we read describes what we must become today. Like Saul's son, David, we must be women and men of dialog and faith. We know that evil and demons are neither scarce nor rare. We know that there are many demons that need to be removed from our culture and the way many people live. There is a genuine need to heal the hearts and souls of many.

The people of the first century realized the healing powers of Jesus, especially the driving out of demons and the healing of physical ailments and even death itself. One evil that surrounds us today that we should consider is the abuse of power -- not solely the evil misuse of political power but the abuse of power each of us can inflict upon others especially in the form of oppressive actions.

As thousands begin to arrive in the nation's capital city to speak out and to march for the right to life, we are reminded of yet another kind of healing needed amongst the people of the world. Where then do we turn. We do not have Jesus himself walking on Constitution Avenue or other streets around the US Capitol building or the Supreme Court building. His earthly presence is history. Where do his followers turn?

We should be mindful that Jesus' healing ministry was not entombed with him in Joseph of Arimethea's tomb? Like the grain of wheat that had to die to produce new foods, Jesus has seeded his mission of healing in the hearts and souls of many followers. Through the gift of pure power, freed from any kind of bias, the Holy Spirit invites you to be with him in bringing healing where there is abuse, hatred, fear, injury, sickness and the taking of life.

To each of us, as mentioned in a posting last week, the Holy Spirit has given extraordinary gifts that help bring about the removal of evil from the world. How do you accomplish that today in yourself, in your home, your workplace and among your friends? Certainly the challenge to let evil be healed through your gifted power is not easy. Yet the verse in today's responsorial psalm is a reminder of the source of our power.
In God I trust; I shall not fear.