Tuesday, January 19, 2010

THe Art of Seeing 1 - 19 - 2010

The first reading of today's Eucharistic liturgy has embedded within it one sentence which could lead to a major transformation in one's life.

Not as man sees does God see
because he sees the appearance
but the Lord looks into the heart.

Although Christmas may be just two or three weeks old, doesn't it seem like we have journeyed quite a distance from our annual "O Holy Night"? What does this say about how we look at events in our fast-paced existence? Aren't there individuals whose personalities were so strong when you met for the first time during the holidays and just knew this person was going to be a best friend, a true companion on your life's journey? Today that same person has already fallen off your radar screen?

How do we see? Samuel's words are so right on for today's Christian. These words are a unique invitation for you to jump outside yourself so that you can truly see how you look upon the world you live in. As said in many previous postings, each one of us arrived in the world with a purpose, a divine intention. Your challenge today is to examine how your see, how you judge. When a man and a woman fall in love; when a man pledges Holy Orders or men and women make solemn professions; when a man or woman sees needy people and blaze a trail for them from their oppression; when parents see the struggles of their children and stand by them --- these are moments when people have been moved by seeing something deeper than what is on the surface.

To see as God sees, to judge as Jesus does this is the calling put before each person. To see as God sees is to look beyond what is just in front of you. The beauty of the body of water in the picture is made even more beautiful by the distant mountains. To see as Jesus seas is to hear the beat of a drummer somewhat different than the ordinary, to see beyond seeking self-aggrandizement, beyond seeking possessions untold, beyond a selfish amassing of wealth. To see as God sees is to see the good in the hearts of yourself and then in the hearts of others.

So, you might ask yourself these two questions: How do people see me? How do I see others?