Friday, January 8, 2010

In so many places this morning, there is the felt need for the fireplace!
Light snow here in Washington, DC.

Nearing the conclusion of the first Letter of St. John, we are truly confronted. The evangelist does not step back from what he believes. Somehow the strength of his words reminds me, please excuse the political sidebar, of both President Obama and RNC Chair, Michael Steele, and their taking for strong positions for what they believe.

Faith is what distinguishes every Christian from others in the world. John recognizes the wide gap between humanity and divinity. For him that great distance between God's kingdom and our world, our hearts, is bridged by Jesus Christ. By our coming to know the Son, we are brought closer to the Father.

It is our faith in Christ and ultimately his Father which challenges modern humanity. It is not always easy to be a man or woman committed to the faith that Jesus preached. In the first weeks of 2010, what does "faith" mean to me? Each of you reading this posting might take a few moments to inquire of yourself how real and how strong your faith is. With so much technology driving our lifestyles and actions, it is very easy to believe that we know more than the teachings of our Church. Believing in an unseen God is not easy. Believing in a Church that seeks to lead especially your moral life, your ethical life and your personal spiritual life is always a challenge.

If our faith is not strong, how can we love God or even see that God is love. Without a vibrant faith, how can we see, accept and love a Church that Jesus established simply to help us live lives that God wants his Son's followers to live? If our faith is not the foundation of who we are, what purpose or consolation can we find in hope and love?