Monday, January 18, 2010

Come, Holy Spirit, with Wisdom 1-18 - 10


Today's first reading is a section of the Old Testament that is a challenge for this blogger. Trying to understand the meaning it has in itself as well as for today has me beating my head against the proverbial brick wall!!! This is somewhat humbling for yours truly because my feeble brain cannot get itself wrapped around what Samuel was trying to say to us on behalf of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps Saul's weaknesses are meant to be a call for me to share weaknesses too.

What always makes me wonder how contemps take the violence that is prevalent in the Old Testament stories ... such as this very part of Samuel's letter.

One part of the letter that is not obfuscated (like that word???) is that God prefers obedience to sacrifices. I have often wonder if this is the case since sacrifices may be challenging at a specific moment but once done they are in history. But obedience! Well, that is a subject that is not so easily said and done with. God did not say follow the commandments just once and be done with it. Not so easily done.

Today, if you will be like me, you will not spend too much time at the wall but rather try to open your heart to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit ... one of those gifts mentioned yesterday. Perhaps in those moments of quiet ... perhaps ... some keener insight into the life we are called to follow as apostles, as disciples, as followers of Jesus Christ. There is much in those five words: God prefers obedience to sacrifices!