Friday, June 25, 2010

A Modern Call to the Prophetic Life

Again, I share with you words of Pope Benedict XVI provided by Dr. Rocco Palmo, editor of Whispers in the Loggia.  The last several days the Prayer on the Hill reflections have drawn attention to the role of the prophet ... the one who listens.  As the Pope said, " ... formed internally by the Holy Spirit ...  Welcome with an open heart ..."  These two phrases point out the importance the the Church's leadership not only in Brazil but throughout the world the importance of being a "listener" not only to councils, not solely to advisors and colleagues, but to the source of all wisdom, the Holy Spirit, and, please note, to those who knock at the door, those who speak the word of God to all human hearts.  These words of the Holy Father are indeed words that should be heard by all those who are privileged to wear a Roman Collar as well as the men and women who work with Bishops and Pastors in bringing the message of the gospels to God's people. 

The governance of the bishop will be pastorally fruitful only if 'it is sustained by a good moral credibility, one which derives from the sanctity of his life. This credibility predisposes minds to welcome the Gospel he announces in the church and even the norms he establishes for the good of the people of God.' Therefore, formed internally by the Holy Spirit, may each one of you be 'all things to all,' proposing the truth of the faith, celebrating the sacraments of our sanctification, and witnessing to the Lord's love. Welcome with an open heart the many who knock at your door: guide them, comfort them along God's path, seek to lead everyone toward that unity in faith and love of which, through the will of God, you must be the cornerstone and visible foundation in your dioceses.
--Pope Benedict XVI
Ad Limina Address
to the Bishops of Brazil (East Region II)
19 June 2010

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