Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He Knows Me

In today's gospel, it is clear that Jesus had a special relationship with the apostles. These chosen ones were not just a few men from a crowd of people. Small towns are places where people know one another ... and usually everyone one's business.

Each of us today has been given the same kind of relationship with Jesus Christ.  We, too, have been called by name just as the disciples were called by name to follow Jesus in his ministry.  Recall this about ourselves.  In the rites for many of the Sacraments, we are called by name.  In Baptism:  "Mary, I baptize you .... " In Confirmation:  "John, receive the Holy Spirit."  In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the candidate is called by name and responds, "I am ready and willing."  These words and actions are a reminder to us that we are not simply another breathing being in a crowd.  We are men and women who are known by God, loved by him and promised divine assistance in our efforts to follow God's will for us.

This special relationship we should not forget.  We are God's chosen ones.  It is a gift given to us especially in moments when we may feel alone, abandoned, without support.  Each morning as we begin a new day, let this gospel be a reminder to us that once again God is standing by our sides, ready to walk with us wherever this day may lead us.