Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday: How do I Reach Holiness?

It's early in the morning.  The thoughts today are prompted by a conversation with a friend:  "Come on!  Tell me how to become holy.  Is it really possible in this life we have now?"  Kinda loaded isn't it?  Yet, without any doubt it is how some truly feel.  Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote these words which may help open up come thinking about how we reach holiness.
All of my life I wanted to be somebody.
Now I am finally somebody ---
but it isn't me.
What we should find in this thought is this:  Have I allowed a variety of distractions prevent me from becoming my real self, the self that God sent into the world?  It is so easy for us to be captured by our needs.  These are those feelings, those pressures that completely blur our seeing God's plan for my life.  How many times have we allowed selfishness the permission to lock my mind and heart from seeing how I best can serve God and those who come into contact with me?  How many times has a felt need for greater successes and recognition shackle my mind heart, preventing me from being strong enough to dispel those feelings that prevent me from letting God be the power that drives me onward?

We will never come to understand holiness and what that means for our lives as long as we have become the servants of masters who are just another expression of our egos.  Our personal ego is usually a tough task master:  it demands much from a commitment to it.  In many instances we do not perceive that our egos are the power behind the throne that prevents allowing my mind and heart and soul to live life as we truly want it to be ... where there is a sense of peace, a genuine contentment.

Today, take a few moments of time, as precious as it is, to look at the two primary reasons you are doing what your are doing.  First you would have to know what these two primary reasons might be.  It may demand more than just a few moments; it may demand more than a few days of investigation.  But until anyone of us has taken the time to understand what it is that drives us, that creates a genuine lack of contentment, we will never achieve the true understanding of who I am.  That, then, is the key that opens the door to my understanding of who I am.