Thursday, June 23, 2011


Let me invite you to begin with an unusual "wake up" prayer this morning.  Today is the celebration of the birthday of John the Baptist.  It is a celebration of the greatest herald among us.  Don't clap too loud:  you might disturbed those still sleeping!!!  Created by young people in Europe where Catholicism has its challenges.  However, hold on throughout the presentation and the many photos that will lift your heart to God.  Watching the YouTube document, I found myself realizing what it is to be older, or in the second-half of my life.  I found myself looking beyond the immediate presentation to seeking to understand how strong the faith of the young people must be, the young people who put this presentation together.

The presentation also made me stop and consider this question:  "Just how would John the Baptist appear today were he to be found walking down the most major street in any one of our American cities?"  What would you expect to meet?  So many times of late I have heard these words or others similar:  "When is the Church going to get with it?"  Well, I think these young people have taken just seven words and made quite a production, quite a reflective moment, quite a proclamation at least for me as a viewer.  How I wish we had more of this kind of spirit in our "Church music" in this country, in this city where I live!  As the young man signing the lead said several times:  Come on Church!  Lets sing Church!  Bring life to our worship just as John brought life to the Old Testament texts the people knew or should have known!

I am asking myself, as I type,  this serious question:  Have I used the Sacraments I have received to be the herald of Jesus?  Has my life been an invitation to others to come to know Jesus?

And don't worry about the "Thanks You God" at the end.  The Baptist was also human:  don't forget that reality.