Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The last two days have brought focus upon three outstanding men of faith and commitment to the Word of God.  As we saw, when life is lived in accord with God's will, there will always be sacrifices.  To me this should not be surprising.  Our personal "felt needs" are not always in line with God's will for us.

In today's selected Gospel reading we are made aware that the will of God is primary in a person's life.  Jesus speaks to his disciples about meeting God face-to-face, seeking admission to his kingdom.  Listen to the kinds of words spoken by someone on the day of judgement.  A variety of good deeds are put forward by Jesus.  He then makes it clear that there is simply one price for admission to the Kingdom of God: doing the will of the Father.

Build your life upon a strong foundation, upon rock not on sand.  All that Jesus has said, especially throughout the entire Sermon on the Mount, "these words of mine," these are the foundations God gives for life in the kingdom.

When you read these words, what do they speak to you?  Have you used the blueprints that Jesus has offered you for building your home, your life?  There is no life lived that does not encounter difficulties with Jesus' blueprints for life.  Yet, if a person continually brings to mind that God's will is not a straight jacket binding our freedoms, what will become real and a source of much peace, success and happiness is that we can build our lives with God.  Ours is the rewarding life if we but live God's will for us.