Thursday, June 2, 2011


In the gospel of St John, we have the opportunity to experience the expression of divine thoughts that are peculiar to a man who had a unique relationship with Jesus as well as his mother, Mary.  Today's reading presents words from Jesus spoken on the evening before he would suffer the torture of his walk to Calvary Hill and the murderous crucifixion.  His words are an encouragement to the disciples as he attempts to prepare them for the unusual events they will confront within the next 24 hours of their lives.

What we might consider today is that no matter what we are called up to endure, we can find in the words of Jesus the blessed assurance that the Father is a loving God, a caring God.  Who is there among us today who does not encounter challenges that raise doubts in the mind about the care of our God for us when we feel that this God of ours is absent.

Today let the Lord Jesus talk with you in your prayer.  Ask him to share with you how his graces are the power behind all that we can possibly do.  Ask him to talk with you about how he sees the best way for him to help you.  This is the way to  understand prayer.  It is truly an opening of one's heart to the love and care of the Lord.