Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why the Absence for the Last Two Days?


The last three day were out of the ordinary for this blogger.  Hence the posting-waves have not been rolling to your shores.  Your truly had two major celebrations, as he does every year, on June 2nd and 3rd.  This year is a special year for me.  On June 2, 1941 at 12:18 AM Milton and Margaret Jordan became parents for the first time.  On Capitol Hill in what we now refer to as the Old Providence Hospital yours truly came into the world.  His mission was underway.  So a brother and sister decided the "old man" needed a birthday party.  For sure 70 only comes once in the life of those who make it that far.  As I think back on that day and the days leading to it, I realize now that I was really excited about all that was happening and could not concentrate on much.  It was like a child anticipating Christmas morning.  And the celebration continues even tomorrow as a group of friends from the parish Cardinal McCarrick entrusted to me some years ago are gathering for dinner with me.  So that is a part of what was going on.
At the same time there was a deeper, truly spiritual celebration going on within my heart: on June 3rd I celebrated the Mass for a Priest's Ordination anniversary.  It is the only Mass that a priest celebrates for himself with public prayers etc. and, of course, just once a year.  That was a day that afforded me some quiet time to calm down from the prior evenings celebration which I do not think I will ever forget.

So, friends, the sanity, the calmness is returning.  The excitement was such that I really found it very difficult to pray on my birthday and the day before.  So many friends were reminding me of the big seven zero.  I really began to think about what this meant to me.  Of course the reality made me think of the future and wonder how long it would be before the Lord would call me home to be with him in heaven.  Furthermore I was thinking for the last several days what does my God expect of me now at this stage of my life?  What does a retired priest do who feel like 70 some days but whose mind and heart somehow become stuck at 45 years old?
These are some of the thoughts that were racing through my head and heart these last few days ... which made it impossible for me to sit and compose myself.  God was just stirring the pot with too much excitement.  So, now, even though there is one party to finish off the celebrations, I am back to serving you through this medium.  So that is the reason for the happy face just above:  what a day celebrating the reality that I had been on this earth for 70 years and was not going strong into year 71!!!